Flying Women

Flying Women has been a theme of mine for some years. It started with the idea that women can do anything ... even fly! I began to think about the idea after a number of talented young women came to our place in the 1980s and 90s to work on our farm in exchange for free accommodation. Women came from all over the world and a common thread was young women often with high levels of education who could in fact do anything. We have always had difficulty getting away from our farm because of the animals and these young women could easily look after it when we went away. I called these women ‘superwomen’.

I have made lino prints of flying women and my ‘Flying Meroogals’ won second prize in the Meroogal Women’s Art Prize. The flying women are based on friends and family who have happily posed for me over the years, pretending to fly.

Flying Women Box Art Series combines my love of making boxes and using bits of plastics, reflectors, tin, plastic animals etc.

My Box Art explores the idea that women can do anything. Women can be superhuman. They can fly! My work is kitsch with plastic, bits of metal and bits of reflectors found along the roadside.


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