‘Contact Sport’ Artist Statement

Media: Archival pigment Ink on Archival matt paper

We live in a society where sport is King. Sport is a dominant cultural event for most people. It can invade all parts of some people’s lives from the antics on the playing grounds to the courts, from the media to the bedroom. Many sports for men and women are contact sports; all football codes, netball and basketball etc.

‘Contact Sport’ can have more than one meaning including sexual, homoerotic and military and the ‘normal’ meaning of Barbie and action dolls is subverted. Some of the dolls have been sprayed with a pink fluoro spray paint. I call these Barbitars. My aim was to change the colour of their skins from white people (or any other colour). I cut off their hair and removed their clothes to remove ideas of femininity or masculinity created by the manufacturer

The Barbies have been rehabilitated to some degree; they have been encouraged to eat and have been treated for anorexia. They are still very disabled as their ‘man-made’ bodies are so poorly designed that they cannot stand up. Trick photography has been used in Netball Dolls 1. I had to strap all their legs together with masking tape to make them appear as if they are jumping up to put the ball into the net.

The backgrounds in the photographs are portions of my oil paintings.

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