Artist Statement 6x6 Exhibition 2012


Car House

When I was young we didn’t own a car we walked everywhere. Eventually my father bought an old Singer with running boards and it was parked outside on the street. The next house we lived in we had a garage down the backyard, separate from the house for the FJ Holden. I still don’t have a garage for my car but I have noticed that people are building large houses with garages inside their house for all the cars and adult toys.

I saw a programme on ABC TV about a woman in Adelaide who commissioned a house to be built for her car (a Porsche) because she loved cars so much. She is able to drive her car straight into the house, get out and walk through the house which is all on one level. What will be next? Will we all live in Mobile homes?

My Car House is built for a number of cars and large TVs and has pictures of large Macmansions on the walls as artworks.


Wild Safari

The modern woman is told to wear animal prints by the fashion industry. They include leopard spots, zebra & tiger stripes & reptile patterns. What do the animals think about this?

Animal Within

This sculpture is depicting current ideas in fashion, specifically animal prints and women faced with conflicting ideas of ‘releasing the animal within’ and ‘taming the animal within’.

The workplace is seen as a ‘jungle and so she has to increase her prowess’! She is seen as ‘wild and tamed’ (powerless) hence the bars of containment.


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